Friday, 30 January 2009

Making Money During The Recession

For any of you who don't watch TV, listen to the radio, read the newspapers or even talk to your friends and family - you may not know the world is falling into a recession. Now, for most of you who just read that, you probably already knew where your hard-earned taxes are being spent and are looking for ways to either achieve another income that will replace the one you just lost or want to get another stream of income to boost what little savings you have left so that the next time this happens (God for bid) then you'll be more prepared. Oh and for those mummies and daddies out there, the next time your son or daughter attempts to steal some money from your wallet or purse you'll maintain your status as the hunter-gatherer who actually is bringing in the day's hunt, when your children fulfil their expectations and pocket a decent $50 or £20 or whatever your local currency maybe that is enough to purchase a few days worth of groceries or in their case video games or half a ton of gossip magazines. So, how do we make sure your children can keep thieving from you? And make sure your wife can keep making those ridiculously long phone calls or make sure your husband can keep himself out of the house every weekend using his season ticket to watch his favourite sports team chase a ball for the same length of time as their partner's telephone conversation?

Well, I have been looking for a way to increase my income from nil since I finished on a project in the construction industry. Unfortunately, like those of you whose employment rotates around project work, job security isn't always there and when economic crisis occur you better pray your project isn't due to end for at least another few years or make sure you're guaranteed in writing a slot in the next up and coming big thing. Since the end of 2008, I have been going from site to site looking at different ways in which an income can be achieved. Below are links to five of the currently most advertised sites for methods of making money via Clickbank. They all have more or less the same format: a website with brief information regarding the method of achieving the income and example proof statements of just how much can be achieved, along with testimonials from those that have followed the system to successfully achieve a desirable output. I have seen many of these websites and when I first starting looking, I found it a gamble as to whether or not to trust the information that is displayed on the webpage, so please view each of these links with a reasonable degree of scepticism, but also with the view that you may be learning of a way to dramatically change your circumstances for you and for your family.

1. The Foreign Exchange Trade
As we are all aware the currencies of the western world have been falling. But some have been declining at a slower rate than others and there are a few that have still managed to actually grow, all-be-it slower than before the recession. So there is still enough flexibility within the foreign exchange market to make a profit that for many of you, can easily replace the income from a job you may have lost or you are worried are about to lose. Forex Automatic Robot Trading - Fapturbo claims to be a good opportunity for an investment that could save you going back to work at all. If right now, you're taking a break from polishing your CV/resume ready for your next application or interview, give yourself another 10 minutes and have a look at this idea for an income at Forex Automatic Robot Trading - Fapturbo.

2. Training and Tools to make Internet Sales
Ever wondered how do people make money on the internet? And how can you do the same, especially now? Well I can introduce you to a man who could help you out. The creator of Maverick Money Makers says he has been called the #1 Work from Home Consultant in America and has a story that might seem familiar to you as if it were your own. Read his story and decide for yourself if this is what you've been looking for at Maverick Money Makers.

3. Earning Commission via Clickbank
Described as the "Science of Affiliate Marketing" and "Affiliate Marketing Methods a Cut Above the Rest" by those who have used the information, Commission Blueprint has been created by those that share fellow affiliate marketer's frustration at the lack of sales produced from the advertising methods they have employed, but their frustration is claimed to be over. Like the phrase "the penny has dropped" or the more familiar image of the light bulb over a person's head lighting up, they sussed out the key to their success. If you'd like to know more, check their website at Commission Blueprint.

4. From Computer Slavery to Success
From simplification to automation, the creator of the Push Button Marketer claims that even during the dawning of the economic crisis in 2008, a profit of $1 million from making money online went into his pocket. Want to find out if this is possible? Read what the Push Button Marketer has to say and even if you don't want to read all his jargon, scroll down to a third of the way down the page and you'll see what his product can do for you.

5. Factory Worker to Fortune
It just proves that making money online from home can work. But with all the methods out there, which is the one for you? Well my last of the famous five is what a previous factory worker calls the Infinite Income Plan which has turned him into a millionaire. See if you can figure out what his secret success system is at his website the Infinite Income Plan.

Well that's it from me, I'll be back with some more links that may interest you or you may find are too good to be true. But before I go, please let me remind you that those in the world that have attained success beyond what they have imaged, have damn near definitely taken a risk to get to where they are today. The sites I have linked to ask that you have faith in what they are telling you as it has worked for them, it is now up to you whether or not to take their hand.

Take care,
Paul MDS.

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